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5 April 1837 - 10 April 1909

Painting by William Heinemann

. . . Colophon . . .

I'm listening to The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy, feeling terribly sleepy despite a good 8+ hours of sleep, still not over yesterday's needle torture and very very hungry.

I decided the site was very boring and in need of something a little more fancy and colourful. And here it is. Next up on the playlist is Vivaldi. Currant tea is Oolong, perfume is vanilla-y and milky with a hint of spice. I can't remember the name.

The weather is just slightly chilly and if it is not going to get cold then I'm ready to be done with it and just bring spring and summer on.

I plan to go shopping at lunch. I'm getting silk dupioni drapes in a light sea green blue, ordering a red enamel trash can and ordering a suzani fabric to use as a bedspread. Then this weekend I'll be reupholstering chairs and sewing other bits of fabric into drapes. It'll be a textile weekend. Cheers! ^_^

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